Sunday, March 28, 2010

Funny Pictures

Hello Guys n Grlz.
You can find here Every Type of Funny Picture.

Blog is Under construction and will be complete in few days. Thanks

Wow .. what a way of cheating ......
Lolz.. its sooooo funny.
ohh Just love these Monkeys.... looking soo cute ...White black red brown .. lolz a lot more :D
Its Pakistan magic ;)......
hahaha.. one of best Picture i ever seen it :D

A child looks soo cute .. gentleman Child .lolx

Eggs are Soo cute if you draw some painting on them..... ;) So eat eggs:D

ahhh World's most horror movie for chickens. how it feels when you saw someone cocking around you ,,:D

Look at this .... he looks like a DON egg. :D

Buy Computer in just 400 rs per kg??? OMG...

ahh thats something you love it.. Drive car without door. :D.. lolz..

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